During the project children will meet several times partners in a videoconference. This is a very exciting moment for most of them. But see yourself:

6.6.2014 Poland - Germany

14.05.2014 Poland - Hungary

19. 12. 2013 Romania- Germany

Children from 4th grade of German and and 5th grade of Romanian partner met in a videoconference a short time before Christmas.

3. 12. 2013 France - Turkey

Children from Ecole d'Hermeville / France and from Kazım Karabekir İlköğretim Okulu, Bursa, Turkey had an enjoyable experience beginning of December.

31. 5. 2013 France - Poland

Those five Polish children who went to France in June 2013 met the pupils from Ecole Hermeville on May 31th 2013. A special highlight was, that these children got to know their host families.
 At the end French children sang a song and Marek from Poland played the accordion. Everyone was impressed! Thank you to everybody!

22.05.2013 Ireland- Germany

Children from 1st grade of St. Marien-Schule in Germany and infants from Claregalway in Ireland met in a videoconference. They introduced themselves, learned about colours, sang songs and had a lot of fun ... See yourself:

24.01.2013 France - Hungary

Children Hunagry and France met in a videoconference.

It was a very pleasant moment for all children! They all sang a song together.

21.01.2013 Turkey - Germany

Children from 4th grade of German and Turkish partner met in a videoconference. Unfortunately the connection was very poor. But nevertheless children enjoyed.

11.12.2012 Poland - Germany

Children from 3rd grade of St. MArien-Schule in Germany and pupils from Tarnogrod in Poland met in a videoconference before Christmas. They introduced themselves, sang songs, made music and had a lot of fun ...